While something like the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 makes you feel like you have superhuman hearing, allowing you to pinpoint footfall and gunfire, the Custom Game only offers a bass-lite mode that emphasizes treble and help you pick up ambient detail noises. But does it really provide the kind of sounds that gamers demand? 292 global ratings . Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It works just fine and holds to your preferred setting, but one of the sides on my review unit makes an unpleasant metal-on-metal scraping sound upon adjustment. Thank you for signing up to Tom's Hardware. It’s comfy enough for long gaming sessions and seems sturdy enough to survive being pulled on and off your head many times (once that cable is jabbed in tightly). And that quite literally seems to be the case, since the headset looks exactly like other over-ear cans in the company's Custom family. It adjusts well when used across different kinds of media and offers a passable enough imitation of surround sound to suit most online gamers. [Headphones] Beyerdynamic Custom Game Interactive Gaming Headset- $199.00 ($319.00-$120.00) + $50 USD promotional gift card w/ purchase Sign up now to test this product for free in exchange for your honest opinion. Sure. Email. WhatsApp. Unfortunately, having the boom-style mic built into the included cord means you'll need to track down your own plain 3.5mm cord if you want to use the Custom Game as headphones without the mic in view. Latest Review. Enter the CUSTOM game. Beyerdynamic's Custom Game headset offers strong sound and comfort for a premium price. Thankfully, a couple of the designs aren't embarrassing. Full sound ahead! Unlike a lot of gaming headsets, the Beyerdynamic Custom Game feels like it was built for audiophiles and then affixed with a microphone for gaming purposes. Because of the excellent bass, it’s perfect for action movies and excelled when I watched John Wick 2 and Thor: Ragnarok. Designed for the professional (or wanna-be professional) gamer, this interactive gaming headset will make your competition green with envy. However, that isn't to say the Lagoon is without its faults. Beyerdynamic Custom Game Headphone review. Following in the … Of the What's in the box includes the headset, a Y-jack extension cable with audio and microphone connection, a plug-in cable with … Of course, the Beyerdynamic Custom Game also features an in … There was a problem. © Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Beyerdynamic Custom Street Headphones (Black) at Amazon.com. The isolation of these headphones is exceptional, thanks in large part to their cushy leatherette pads I’ll be gushing about more below.. And it's never overwhelming at the highest level, but it's a nice addition for when you want it. Gaming Reviews Beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game Interactive Gaming Headset. These headphones are on another level. You should know what you’re getting when you buy these: a large pair of sturdy headphones that basically can’t be used anywhere but your desk or couch. In fact, we'd say that very few people would probably appreciate the aural nuances and build/comfort improvements enough to drop that much on a set of gaming cans. However, at first I thought this was not possible because it was very difficult to make the headset larger. A volume control slider sits on the detachable cable, offering muting and volume adjustment options. Features CUSTOM GAME FULL SOUND AHEAD This is a next-generation interactive gaming headset, full of amazing features that you'll love: the Sound Slider located on the headset itself for selecting the audio profile of your choice, the cable remote control for PC and console, the high-quality microphone and the six different interchangeable design covers. The changeable design covers are a nice touch, as it the sound slider feature. That’s a problem if you’re looking to play competitively, because the imaging just can’t match top-end headsets from traditional gaming manufacturers. I love my pair of beyerdynamic 990 open back cans and I have always wanted to replicate that soundstage and power with a more isolating character. The headband has a very firm adjustment so it doesn't slip down and can fit most head sizes. The Beyerdynamic Custom Game is an excellent gaming headset that features a strong build, a comfortable fit, and accurate, balanced sound. Pēteris Ozols in Headphone reviews. Beyerdynamic Custom Game - Design. Despite these flaws, though, the Custom Game is a wonderful headset that genuinely brings studio-quality audio into the gaming space. STAY CONNECTED. Sehr guter und hygienisch einwandfreie Polster, die man perfekt abwaschen kann - und eine fantastische Sound- sowie Sprachqualität. And, yes, that means that you can plug directly into your Sony Dualshock 4 controller, gaming desktop , or anything else with a 3.5mm input and play away. There's no longer a one-size-fit-all SSD. The workmanship of the beyerdynamic Custom Game is very good. Beyerdynamic's Custom Game headset offers strong sound and comfort for a premium price. Beyerdynamic's Custom Game headset offers strong sound and comfort for a premium price. When it comes to the new Custom One Pro Plus from Beyerdynamic, it’s all in the name. As with all Beyer headsets, the sound quality is where the Custom Game absolutely shines. The Beyerdynamic Custom Game is a great headset for bass enthusiasts. It’s a different kind of enthusiast headset as Beyerdynamic combines audio precision with raw gaming prowess. $154.95 at Amazon 3/05/2018 By Will Greenwald. Articles. The familiar 3.5mm jack means you can plug the Custom Game into a PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, smartphone, tablet, or pretty much anything else – and it impresses no matter what kind of source I try. It doesn't have a lot of tacky, cheap-looking plastic or color accents in the mix; at a glance, this headset looks like it means business. … The beyerdynamic Custom Game comes with several items. Today's best Beyerdynamic Custom Gaming Headset deals. The Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC is yet another premium noise cancelling headset to hit the market. © The changeable design covers are a nice touch, as it the sound slider feature. Although pricey, the Beyerdynamic Custom Game is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the RPG world. Full Comparison. The Custom Game isn’t packed with features, but it does have an audio profile slider that gives you four different outputs. Whether it's really worth spending $209 (£179, AU$249) on is your call to make; you can get a very good gaming headset at less than half that price.