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Clothes During Pregnancy – What to Wear or What to Not?

What are the Best Clothes During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life and all mom to be shouldn’t shy away to show off that growing baby bump. On the contrary, they should celebrate the new addition in their life with style. In fact, it is the best time to work on their fashion skills with a few worth risks. 

During the first three months of pregnancy, most pregnant women can continue to wear their usual clothes, especially if it is the first pregnancy. However, as of the second quarter, the zippers that previously closed, no longer works and the difficulties in buttoning pants.

It is then when it becomes necessary to acquire suitable clothes for pregnancy because it is specially designed for the comfort and well-being of the pregnant woman.

The clothes you can wear during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important stage in a woman’s life, many physical changes occur and, as the weeks of gestation progresses, the feeling of discomfort and oppression will increase. To alleviate, to some extent, we advise you to follow these tips about pregnancy attire: 

  • It is preferable to use large and comfortable clothing that does not oppress.
  • There is a wide range of stores in the market dedicated to clothes for pregnant women, who sell pants and skirts with a special waistband to keep the belly tight and that adapt as the gut grows. 
  • Underwear must be made of cotton or natural fibers. You will have to buy new bras that fit your new volume. If you are going to buy a new one, remember to buy those that do not have rings. 
  • If you wear tights or pantyhose, choose those that are made of self-adjusting elastic fabrics and that favor venous return. 
  • As your abdomen grows, you will feel more comfortable with special pregnancy panties. They are those that carry a reinforcement in the lower belly to carry the belly tightly.
  • The most suitable footwear is one that does not have excessive heels, only a couple of centimeters are necessary to avoid going completely flat.

Clothes that should not be worn during pregnancy

  • Avoid using rigid tissues that can cause skin irritations
  • If you wear socks, use those that do not compress too much to allow good blood circulation. Especially because in this period because it is easy for swelling in the ankles.
  • Avoid high heels, not only will it be difficult to wear them since your center of gravity is displaced, but they are not good for circulation and can cause varicose veins.
  • During the hot months, avoid dark colors, as they absorb more heat from the sun and cause greater sweating.

Types of Maternity Wear 

Check out these four basics Goldstroms maternity wear that will make your three trimesters easy and comfortable: 

1. Maternity Kurti\Gown


What’s better and comfortable than our ethnic wear during pregnancy? The smart, trendy, printed Maternity Kurtis will be an add-on to your closet. Be it office or a family get together or a function; flaunt your classy side with this fashionable Maternity Kurti. Club this Indian-styled attire with leggings, Maternity capris or simple jeans for that simplistic and traditional look. 

2. Maternity Capris Pants 


Discover Maternity Capris Pants’ and leggings, designed to make you feel great during your pregnancy period and motherhood. Enjoy your special moments dressed in a comfortable and stylish manner. We offer maternity bottom wear with waist selections to suit your baby bump. Wear this bottom wear casually for work or during yoga sessions or club them with a Kurti or top for that perfect finished look. It’s time to add some cuteness to your wardrobe. So start exploring!! 

3. Maternity Tops 

women maternity tops dress

The latest collections of Maternity Tops are specifically designed keeping comfort and fashion in mind. Pair them with our Maternity Capris Pants for all occasions and make a style statement. 

4. Maternity Leisure Wear

women's maternity sleepwear

Enjoy the blend of comfort, softness, and warmth while you are sleeping. Goldstroms offers a specially fabricated Maternity nightwear to make you at ease during pregnancy. Discover colorful, printed, pastel or bright-colored Maternity clothes for that easy fit.

Pick your style from a selection of pre and post-maternity sleepwear. Relax yourself at home wearing these gowns and use them for nursing purposes after the birth of the baby. Enjoy your pregnancy in a trendy style and comfort. 

It’s shopping time!! Hurray time to upgrade your old clothes with a set of completely new, cute, colorful attire. It’s that moment when even your growing belly sends a positive vibe and happiness.

Congratulations on bringing a new life in this world. To celebrate your pregnancy, we at Goldstroms bring out a huge collection of fashionable and trendy maternity clothes. Check out from a range of colorful maternity t-shirts for everyday wear.

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Stylish Pregnancy Dresses – 5 Ways to Look Good During Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! But you probably do not want to give up on trends and your style.

And it is not always easy to find beautiful stylish pieces to accommodate a stomach that is constantly growing… But it is not impossible either!

Especially in the last few years, the choice of maternity clothes has really improved.

Here are some tips and inspirations to have a max of Look Stylish During Pregnancy.

Thinking Beyond Maternity Clothes

After a few weeks/month, you will definitely need pants and maternity jeans, that’s for sure. On the other hand, for the rest, you are not only required to wear clothes designed for pregnant women.

Indeed, some regular clothes may very well accompany you until the end of your pregnancy! However, they must meet certain criteria: stretch fabric, longer cut, not bent at the waist, with space to move and expand.

Ways to Look Good During Pregnancy

Here are some examples of “regular” clothes that are often very suitable for a pregnant woman:

  • A Women’s Turkish Cotton Swan Print Bathrobe (or wrap) and slightly loose cut. It’s even better if it’s shorter forward!
  • A jersey dress with pleats on the side which comes from our beautiful online store, is also sold for women who are not pregnant.
  • A long t-shirt bohemian style.
  • A big oversized sweatshirt.
  • Some skirts and some pants with a drawstring waist. These can be worn under the belly (probably less towards the end of the pregnancy by cons).
  • Leggings with a size not too tight.
  • Loose shirts. Once the belly becomes too big, they can be carried open, over a high.

Psst!: If you buy regular clothes, it is advisable to choose one to two size (s) above your usual size.

Rocker the Cleavage

Most girls who normally have small breasts finally get the one from their dream during their pregnancy. If that’s your case, take advantage!

Do not forget the basics

It’s not just your everyday wardrobe that needs to be adapted, but everything else!

So think about choosing underwear (especially brassieres), pyjamas, sportswear and jerseys (if any) that will suit your different silhouette.

Dare the Colour

It is certain that your belly will bring you a lot of attention, but do not be afraid to wear beautiful bright colour’s either. It’s not a time of life to be drab!

5 Best Tips for Pregnancy Outfits ideas


pregnancy capri and pajamas

From the first months of pregnancy, bet on the basics essential maternity dressing to wear on all occasions and will accompany you for 9 months and more. A fluid dress, leggings, a stretch T-shirt, pregnancy capris and more. These evolutionary models combine comfort and style to adapt to all stages of pregnancy. Must-have!


women's long maternity nursing gown

You rather rock, classic, glamorous, bohemian.

And especially: stick to it! During your pregnancy, be true to your style and have fun! Dare the colours, graphic print gown. A well dressed pregnant woman marks the spirits, we remember. There is a lot of kindness around you, so let’s have fun!


Maternity and Pregnancy Outfit Tips

Naked, with tights or shapely in skinny pregnancy sports pants, your legs seem necessarily thinner. As for dresses, it is a real pleasure to wear, for comfort, fluidity, and lightness.


kurtis with palazzo pants for pregnancy

In general, and especially when you are pregnant, it is best to avoid the total XXL look. If you wear a loose top, put on a low close to the body and vice versa. For example, a loose top with slim pregnancy jeans, or a fitted Kurtis with palazzo. A pretty belt can easily turn a pregnancy dress a little basic into a chic and elaborate silhouette.


pregnancy feeding tops

You have a beautiful cleavage, show it but especially pamper it! Your beautiful skin is fragile, so it is important to invest in good pregnancy feeding tops, which combine comfort and optimum maintenance. They will accompany you for nine months and sublimate your figure.

It is not mandatory, but it is a big plus if the clothes you buy for your pregnancy can also be worn during the next phase. Indeed, some maternity clothes are also suitable for breastfeeding, which is fantastic since it is not easy either to dress during this period!

And in addition, you will know in advance that these items are large enough to suit your post-delivery silhouette, the time that your body slowly returns to its shape.

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